[Linux-HA] Heartbeat Configuration

David Qualls david.qualls at hardwyre.com
Mon Oct 17 09:53:10 MDT 2005

Here is the scenario that I would like to create.
I have 2 sets of redundant boxes, lets call them box 1 and 2 for set 1
and box 3 and for for set 2.  Each of the sets are replicating mysql to
each other, so if box 1 goes down box 3 takes over and the same thing
with box 2 and 4.  What I would like to do is heartbeat each set to one
another, so that 1 ip address could be pinged.  also I would like to set
up a remote server in a different geographical area so that if a
catastrophic event takes place I still have my server up.
Can HA do this?  If so, is there any sample configuration files that
sombody has done out there for one to look at.
Any help, or feedback would be appreciated.
David Qualls
Network Engineer
Phone 501.851.2880
david.qualls at hardwyre.com
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