[Linux-HA] Best way to create cib.xml?

Alberto xagonzalezm at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 07:30:57 MDT 2005


I am configuring two heatbeat2 nodes. What is the best way to generate
cib.xml? I start node1 with empty cib.xml, then it generates a cib.xml, I
start node 2 and it updates cib.xml a copy it from node1. Now both nodes
have nodes updates and cib update. But now that both are running what is the
best way to makes changes? stop one, edit cib.xml and restart heartbeat? do
I remove status from cib.xml? what is it for? just for when heartbeat is
running? why when I stop all nodes I still have the status info on cib.xml?

There is no much doc about heartbeat v2 config.

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