[Linux-HA] USB network question

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Wed Oct 12 14:47:44 MDT 2005

Yes, DRBD replication.  The problem is the hardware that we have to work
with only has one NIC each.  These machines have public IP's (bridged)
assigned to them.  So we don't want the replication traffic to hit the
public internet for both performance and security reasons.

The USB 1.1 will probably do what I want but there will be a lot of data
writes on this box so I wanted to ensure that DRBD would have enough
bandwidth.  Someone advised creating a private tunnel between the two on
the public interface for DRBD.  We might do that as an alternative.


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> >    Which goes back to my question, does anyone recommend any
> >    one?  Is there a version that supports USB 2.0?  I have only
found a
> >    couple on the net.
> Since USB 2.0 works with USB 1.1 devices, just use the older one.  The
> higher bandwidth won't buy you much for heartbeat.  Are you also
> data through this?
> -kpd
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