[Linux-HA] STONITH smart-ups 1500I

Etienne van Tonder evt at infoware.com.au
Mon Oct 10 21:14:26 MDT 2005

Hi Alan,

I have:

primary -> secondary UPS
secondary -> primary UPS

I was thinking that during power failure each of the UPS's would inform the
machine it was connected to via the serial cable to shutdown. I thought that
it did not really matter that the UPS telling the machine to shutdown was
not actually the one that it had it's power connected to, the result would
still be the same, ie each machine is told to shutdown and does.

But as I can not have both stonith and apcupsd using the same serial port
I'll have to look at doing this some other way, maybe nut can help as you

How do other people handle this situation, do they simply allow the machines
to be killed without a clean shutdown once the batteries run out on the UPS?



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> Etienne van Tonder wrote:
> > Hi Alan,
> >
> > Thank you for all your help it's much appreciated.
> >
> > I have one more problem, I'm running apcupsd to monitor for power
> > so that the system can shutdown cleanly. When I start the apcupsd daemon
> > execute:
> >
> > stonith -t apcsmart -p "/dev/ttyS0 beta" -S
> >
> > it returns with the following error:
> >
> > CRITICAL **: APC_open_serialport: Could not lock tty /dev/ttyS0 (rc: -1)
> >
> > If I stop apcupsd then it all works ok.
> I think apcuspd will be very confused if you've configured your cabling
> correctly.
> Because node A has to control node B's UPS and vice versa.
> I know that the NUT tools can support such a configuration.
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