[Linux-HA] Linux-HA 2.0 LSB Resource

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Mon Oct 10 20:16:13 MDT 2005

Serge.Dubrouski at fjcomm.com wrote:
> Alan -
> The answer is perfect. I've already converted everything to OCF but I have
> a bunch of other problems now. Is there any good document describing how to
> configure resources and operations? I want to have all my resources
> monitored and I want to have ability to configure number of time for each
> action to be taken. For example try to start resource 3 times and if it
> fails give up and call paging script. Or call paging script with 3rd failed
> "monitor" action etc... I hope it's clear what I'm trying to get.

If monitor fails, then it will be restarted -- the first time.  If you 
want to filter it -- you'll have to do that in your monitor action -- as 
far as I know.

If a start fails, it will move it to another node.

I don't know how often monitor has to fail before it moves it somewhere 
else -- or if it will ever do that.

Andrew's the expert ont his stuff...

Regarding documents...

They probably don't exist beyond what you've seen...

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