[Linux-HA] STONITH smart-ups 1500I

Etienne van Tonder evt at infoware.com.au
Sun Oct 9 17:20:54 MDT 2005

Hi Alan,

I upgraded to 2.0.2 yesterday and everything is working as expected now,

I've only got one serial port but an abundance of USB ports on my new
servers which is a real shame when using them with Linux, as Linux support
for USB devices does not seem to be quite there yet.

I was going to use the serial port for the backup heartbeat connection, but
I now will be using it for the UPS link for my stonith setup. Do you know if
anyone has successfully used stonith with a USB connected smart-ups?

Is there any issues with using another eth nic connection as the backup



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> Etienne van Tonder wrote:
> > Ok I've done some more testing with the serial interface:
> >
> > Using the apc utilities apctest and acpaccess I was able to fully
> > communicate with the UPS.
> >
> > Running stonith -S -t apcsmart alpha with the following rpc.cfg:
> >
> > /dev/ttyS0 alpha 0
> >
> > I now get an error message:
> >
> > CRITICAL **: APC_set_ups_var(): Could not set variable 'p' to 020!
> >
> > Anybody have any ideas?
> Yes.
> Get a newer version of the APC UPS code.  I assume you're running 1.2.x,
> or earlier...
> If you upgrade to 2.0.2, then this should go away.  Or, you can grab the
> not-yet-released version of 1.2.4 and use it.
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