[Linux-HA] Monitoring & failing over

Jan Lenaerts wetenschapper at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 06:36:31 MDT 2005


I'm trying to let my apache fail over when it goes down.
so I configed this in my cib.xml:
<primitive id="Apache" class="lsb" type="apache2">
<op id="0c6f1bd0-379f-4c11-9162-064662cbb229" name="stop" timeout="4s"/>
<op id="2" name="start" timeout="5s"/>
<op id="3" name="monitor" interval="10s" timeout="3s"/>

This is what apears every 10s(the monitor interval):
Sep 28 23:43:10 localhost lrmd: [11986]: WARN: For LSB init script, no
additional parameters are needed.
however on the ClusterInformationBase/Actions page they use lsb and

when I fail apache the resource doesn't fail over:
should I use "per action parameters" for this? then you have to write your
own script to catch the vars and do the failing over right?
or should I use something like mon or ldirectord.

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