[Linux-HA] STONITH smart-ups 1500I

Etienne van Tonder evt at infoware.com.au
Fri Oct 7 20:18:53 MDT 2005

Ok I've done some more testing with the serial interface:

Using the apc utilities apctest and acpaccess I was able to fully
communicate with the UPS.

Running stonith -S -t apcsmart alpha with the following rpc.cfg:

/dev/ttyS0 alpha 0

I now get an error message:

CRITICAL **: APC_set_ups_var(): Could not set variable 'p' to 020!

Anybody have any ideas?



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Subject: [Linux-HA] STONITH smart-ups 1500I

> I'm having some problems getting my ups to shutdown via heartbeat stonith,
> I've read the archives and docs all day but I am stuck. When I look at the
> log file it simply says:
> ERROR: STONITH of alpha failed. Retrying....
> info: Resetting node alpha with [APCSmart-Stonith]
> ERROR: Host alpha not reset!
> WARN: Exiting STONITH alpha process 24128 returned rc 1.
> I did have the ups linked to the system via the serial port (ttyS0) with
> above result. I then changed it to use the USB cable and ran apctest, I
> able to communicate and perform all functions. I then started apcupsd and
> ran apcaccess status without any problems.
> In both serial and usb when I run the command:
> stonith -S -t apcsmart alpha I get "stonith: APCSmart-Stonith device OK"
> the response.
> This does not seem to change whether I have ttyS0 or ttyUSB0 as the device
> in rpc.cfg which  currently looks like:
> /dev/ttyUSB0 alpha 0
> my ha.cf looks like this:
> stonith apcsmart /etc/ha.d/rpc.cfg
> I've tried all sorts of combinations without any success.
> Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try next, am I doing something
> wrong??? Does apc provide a utility I could call using the external method
> to shutdown the ups.
> Thanks,
> Etienne.
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