[Linux-HA] New contraints needed in CVS HEAD?

Simon Rowe srowe at cambridgebroadband.com
Fri Oct 7 06:11:49 MDT 2005

I'm noticing

Oct  7 12:58:57 B local7.debug pengine: [5260]: debug: 
mask(native.c:native_rsc_location): Applying not_managed_default (Unknown)
 to vectastar_group:vectastar
Oct  7 12:58:57 B local7.err pengine: [5260]: ERROR: 
mask(native.c:native_update_node_weight): Constraint "not_managed_default" m
ixes +/- INFINITY (vectastar_group:vectastar)

in my logs. Do I need to define something now for this constraint?

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