Simon Rowe srowe at cambridgebroadband.com
Fri Oct 7 03:12:38 MDT 2005

In my two node cluster heartbeat now runs but my resource is never started 
(cib.xml at end of message).

There seems to be a repeating sequence of

Oct  7 10:00:27 linuxha2 pengine: [14877]: info: 
mask(native.c:native_create_actions): vsmgmt_group:vsmgmt: Stopped->Started
Oct  7 10:00:27 linuxha2 pengine: [14877]: info: mask(native.c:StartRsc): 
Start resource vsmgmt_group:vsmgmt    (linuxha2)
Oct  7 10:00:27 linuxha2 cib: [14870]: info: 
mask(callbacks.c:cib_common_callback): Operation cib_query from client 

But there's no indication the resource is ever attempted to be started (it 
logs to syslog whenever the script is called)

I do see

Oct  7 10:00:27 linuxha2 crmd: [14873]: WARN: lrm_get_rsc(653): got a return 
code HA_FAIL from a reply message of getrsc with fun
ction get_ret_from_msg.
Oct  7 10:00:27 linuxha2 lrmd: [14872]: notice: lrmd_rsc_new(): No 
lrm_rprovider field in message

but that seems associated with the monitor operation.

       <nvpair id="symmetric_cluster" name="symetric_cluster" value="true"/>
       <nvpair id="suppress_cib_writes" name="suppress_cib_writes" 
       <nvpair id="default_resource_stickiness" 
name="default_resource_stickiness" value="INFINITY"/>
       <group id="vsmgmt_group">
         <primitive id="vsmgmt" class="heartbeat" type="vsmgmt">
             <op id="1" name="monitor" interval="30s" timeout="3s" 

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