[Linux-HA] What should 'monitor' do?

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Wed Oct 5 15:30:12 MDT 2005

On 2005-10-06T00:38:33, "Sun, Xun" <outfox at sjtu.edu.cn> wrote:

> Hi Adam,
> ???2005???10???05??????21:52???Adam Moffett?????????
> > If I create a resource script with a monitor action, what should it 
> > report when asked to 'monitor'?
> Do you mean ocf resource script? If so, the only thing that matters is
> the return code. All your 'monitor' operation needs to do is:
> If resource is working, then
> 	return $OCF_SUCCESS
> else
> 	return $OCF_NOT_RUNNING

Sorry, this is dangerously wrong.

$OCF_NOT_RUNNING should only be returned if the resource is CLEANLY
stopped. If you return this for failed states, you'll confuse some
recovery processes.

Return $OCF_ERR_GENERIC if in doubt; ocf-shellfuncs defines some more
exit codes (which also means this file needs to be sourced before the
exit codes can be returned), which are described in the OCF RA API

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