[Linux-HA] pengine: Message is too large to send

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Wed Oct 5 05:12:26 MDT 2005

Peter Kruse wrote:
> Hi there,
> I get the above message after monitor and stop failure when
> a node is scheduled for stonith.  The relevant messages are (I think):
> Oct  5 12:47:44 ha-test-1 pengine: [16708]: WARN: mask(stages.c:stage6): 
> Scheduling Node ha-test-1 for STONITH
> Oct  5 12:47:44 ha-test-1 pengine: [16708]: info: mask(stages.c:stage8): 
> Creating transition graph 21.
> Oct  5 12:47:45 ha-test-1 pengine: [16708]: ERROR: 
> mask(ipc.c:crm_send_ipc_message): Message is too large to send
> neither the stonith is sent nor is the resource group moved
> to the other node.
> I forced the error by modifying the monitor and stop actions
> of a RA to only "return 1".  Also attached is the dot file
> of "cibadmin -Q".  I don't know how to interpret this
> file (can only view it) but I hope you can.
> The question is: what message is too large, and where can I set this
> limit?

We are currently working on this problem for a more permanent solution. 
  Gshi can tell you more about it.

How many nodes are in your cluster, and how many resources do you have?

     Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh>

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