[Linux-HA] heartbeat 2.0.2 + stonith

announces at genos.es announces at genos.es
Tue Oct 4 04:05:43 MDT 2005


I'm trying to configure a stonith device using heartbeat 2.0.2. The main
goal is to use my own stonith plugin to control some PDU devices.
I use the ssh stonith device but it always says:

lrmd[13468]: 2005/10/04_11:46:08 debug: Will send the stonith RA
operation to stonithd: ssh start
stonithd[13345]: 2005/10/04_11:46:08 ERROR: Invalid config info for ssh
lrmd[13468]: 2005/10/04_11:46:08 ERROR: sending stonithRA op to stonithd
lrmd[13346]: 2005/10/04_11:46:08 WARN: mapped the invalid return code

My cib.xml is:

       <nvpair id="suppress_cib_writes" name="suppress_cib_writes"
       <nvpair id="transition_idle_timeout"
name="transition_idle_timeout" value="60000"/>
       <nvpair id="stonith_enabled" name="stonith_enabled"
       <nvpair id="symmetric_cluster" name="symmetric_cluster"
       <nvpair id="no_quorum_policy" name="no_quorum_policy"
       <group id="apache_group">
         <primitive id="ip_resource" class="ocf" type="IPaddr"
               <nvpair name="ip" value="" />
         <primitive id="apache" class="lsb" type="apache2"/>
         <primitive id="lampara_stonith" class="stonith" type="ssh">
             <nvpair name="hostlist" value="heartbeat1" />
       <rsc_location id="run_apache_group" rsc="apache_group">
         <rule id="pref_run_apache_group" score="100">
           <expression attribute="#uname" operation="eq"
value="heartbeat1" />

Node names are "heartbeat1" and "heartbeat2"

How do I pass the "config info" for ssh stonith? I try with attribute
"hostlist" but it doesn't work... I have also tried with null device but
it says the same error message.
And then, how can I make my own plugin? It will be so simple as sending
some data to a TCP port like this: 

echo "shutdown-server"| netcat 10010


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