[Linux-HA] 3 SERVERS in CLUSTER (db2)

Laurent LE PRIEUR laurent.le-prieur at ac-nancy-metz.fr
Tue Oct 4 01:13:12 MDT 2005

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Le-Prieur Laurent wrote:
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> De: Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh>
> Date: Lundi, Octobre 3, 2005 9:10 pm
> Objet: Re: [Linux-HA] 3 SERVERS in CLUSTER
>>Laurent LE PRIEUR wrote:
>>>I have activate the CRM for 3 nodes in cluster.
>>>I would wish to set up the following design
>>>2 Nodes ACTIVE and 1 node PASSIVE connected on SAN Network.
>>>Each of the 2 active nodes launches DB2.
>>>With the structure and support IBM DB2, the directory for DB2 is
>>>If the versions of DB2 are not the same ones I am constrained to
>>authorize the fail over on the passive node only for the first node which 
>>would fall defective.
>>>Can I put this operation places from there with the CRM and so
>>yes how?
>>I assume you have two different DB2 instances on the two active machines?
> Yes Alan, two diffrent DB2 instances and potentially two different release 
> (fixpack) for DB2 (one node active node with fixpak 8 and other with 
> fixpak 10).

Is this going to work?  Can you actually have two copies of db2 on the
same machine at the same time?

> I have two partition per node on SAN :
> first partition mounted /opt/IBM/db2 (content /opt/IBM/db2, /var/db2 
> (symbolic link)  and homedir for dasusr1)
> second partition mounted /datainst1 (content homedir for db2inst1 et 
> db2fenc1 and the data for instance and databases).
> I have sync on all node /etc/passwd
> /etc/shadow
> /etc/group
> /etc/services
> And i have disable in /etc/inittab this line for HA environnement
> fmc:2345:respawn:/opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/bin/db2fmcd #DB2 Fault Monitor
> Coordinator
> I will use the passive node if one (and only one) of active is fault or 
> maintenance.

>I think each machine needs to have its own homedir installed - somewhere in 
>the homedir there hides the name of the machine it's installed on.

>You need to have ONLY the tables move from one machine to another - not the 

Ok Alan, but is not the response of my initial question...

I would wish to set up the following design
2 Nodes ACTIVE and 1 node PASSIVE
I am constrained to authorize the fail over on the passive node only for the 
node which would fall defective.


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