[Linux-HA] Follow-up info on FC3 Heartbeat comm issues

Guochun Shi gshi at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 18 17:56:24 MST 2005


Thanks for your feedback. It should not have anything to do with your serial port. You must have hit some bug.

can you do a test for me?

in heartbeat/heartbeat.c, line 1992
#if 0
        cl_log(LOG_INFO, "hist->ackseq =%ld, node %s's ackseq=%ld",
               hist->ackseq, fromnode->nodename,
        if (hist->lowest_acknode){
                cl_log(LOG_INFO,"expecting from %s",hist->lowest_acknode->nodename);

change to #if 1 to enable that code and test it again. Post the log file after you get the "info all clients are now paused"
(you may want to grep the log file as there will be lots of messages popping out)


At 01:54 PM 3/18/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>As a test, I configured the heartbeats to be sent across the Ethernet media only, thus eliminating the serial port and cabling as possible suspects. After starting heartbeat and successfully failing over (as done previously with the serial configuration), the same messages "...info: all clients are now paused" appeared on both nodes after about 5 minutes. Failover was then broken.
>Again, running FC3 with Heartbeat v1.99.3.
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