[Linux-HA] More questions about IPaddr & /proc/fs/nfs/exports

Kian_Chang_Low at veritasdgc.com Kian_Chang_Low at veritasdgc.com
Fri Mar 18 03:46:35 MST 2005


While working on an active/active NFS server setup, I notice the following 
and wonder the following,

1) in IPaddr, in the subroutine "delete_interface ()", I noticed that I 
have to put a lapse in the close of this command to prevent the server 
from notifying the client about its "exportfs -u" command. Typically a 
"sleep" of 3 or more second seems sufficient. But I was wondering whether 
anyone knows which resource/file that this command changes so that we can 
look directly at, instead of having an arbitrary sleep of a few seconds?

2) is it possible to update the /proc/fs/nfs/exports file without the 
client issuing a mount request?

Thanks again,
Kian Chang.
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