[Linux-HA] [ANNOUNCE] heartbeat version 1.99.3 (development series)

Andrew Beekhof (GMail) beekhof at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 07:29:35 MST 2005


Today brings you latest release in the 1.99.x development series.

As is becoming routine, Alan stayed up all night getting this release 
out (mostly because yours truly broke in the home straight).  So again 
a big thanks to him.

You can get the new release here: http://linux-ha.org/download/

Since the last release there have been a huge amount of bug-fixes and 
and enhancements in all parts of the system.  The end result is that 
the multi-node code is much more reliable and is regularly being tested 
with 4-8 nodes.

CTS tests with 8-node clusters work very well - performing thousands of 
stop/start events without failure.  There has even been a moderate 
amount of success with 16-node clusters.  Subscribers to the -dev list 
are also treated to my write-ups of various CTS runs illustrating where 
we are at.

Please see http://wiki.linux-ha.org/ClusterResourceManager/Setup on how
to get started with the new multi-node resource manager.

Please, test this version. If you find a bug, the web page explains how
to submit bug reports and the information to include:

If you have the time, please also try with the latest source from CVS
before submitting a bug report; this would be much appreciated to reduce
the number of duplicates in our bugzilla.

Details on obtaining code from CVS can be found at:

Besides evaluating bugs, this would be a good time to make sure that we
are feature complete for your needs. There's some known to be missing
features still (see the bugzilla), but overall, we believe that we are
in pretty good shape to deliver the most powerful Open Source cluster
resource manager soon. Our goal is a production release within 1-3

We're looking forward to discussing your ideas on the linux-ha-dev
mailing list.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen!


Andrew Beekhof

"If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in 
college" - Unknown, courtesy of Lewis Black

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