[Linux-HA] 2 subnets separated by cisco 6509 switch

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Wed Mar 16 16:01:35 MST 2005

Carson Gaspar wrote:
> --On Wednesday, March 16, 2005 06:18:46 -0700 Alan Robertson 
> <alanr at unix.sh> wrote:
>> Although it's true that we're pretty practially oriented, I don't think
>> we're *quite* as ignorant as you imply ;-).
> I didn't mean to imply ignorance of something as basic as quorum ;-)
> I do think that writing our own messaging protocol from scratch for n > 
> 2 servers was effort that could have been better spent, given the number 
> of existing systems. But as I didn't do the heavy lifting, I really 
> can't bitch - perhaps there are issues of which I'm unaware.

The messaging protocol was written about 5 years ago.  It has always 
supported more than 2 nodes.   Nothing open source was available at that 
time.  In fact, only in the last year has anything else open source shown 
up (one is GPL and one is BSD-licensed).

And, they still assume that they run on a trusted network - a seriously 
broken assumption AFAICT.

Lots of research projects existed.  But they were research projects, and 
not licensed for OSS work.

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