[Linux-HA] heartbeat over ethernet with ipfail question

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Mar 15 13:33:27 MST 2005

R.Schramp at telecom.tno.nl wrote:
> The version I am using is:  1.2.3
> B.T.W. No-one seems to address my question if it is possible to address
> this in software using ipfail (or perhaps another to be written
> program)?

Ipfail needs to talk between the two nodes for it to do what it does.  If 
the two sides can't exchange votes, they can't compare and figure out who 
has the better external connectivity.

If you satisfy that particular requirement, then ipfail will work for you.

> To be honoust, I didn't come to configure STONITH using IPMI yet, as I
> thought that without Ethernet connectivity it wouldn't work anyway. Now
> I understand that the STONITH module should confirm that the shooting
> was successful, so not being able to access the IPMI BMC would typically
> block the slave, so it wouldn't become master (this is good :) )


Without confirmation, it's just speculation.

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