[Linux-HA] extrernal Stonith device...

Peter Weiss Peter.Weiss at ConSol.de
Tue Mar 15 08:57:47 MST 2005

Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh> writes:

> Peter Weiss wrote:
> For release 1.2.x:
> It looks pretty strange...
> Status always returns OK (no matter what).  I.e., status is meaningless...
> poweron/poweroff/reset are all treated the same.
> It just runs the same command string you gave it regardless of whether
> the command given to it is:
> 	power off
> 	power on
> 	reset
> This means this command had better do a reset (or power off) no matter what...
> There is no way for such a STONITH external device to work for more
> than one host.  Hostlist never works for the external plugin.
> Now, if your STONITH -p option references a command, that command
> might take options, but a given stonith directive will never give that
> command different options (so you cant have * for a host name in
> stonith_host)
> There is no reference to any environment variables in the code.  The
> comment about $EXTERNAL appears to be incorrect.
> If you use stonith_host, then rpc.cfg isn't used by heartbeat.  It
> will get used by the manual stonith command, unless you invoke it with
> a -p or -f
> option.
> [...]


with Marc's hint it works now: the "power state" was just there for testing.
Now, when the second node takes over it uses the correct stonith command and
the dead node is resetted or powered off.

I just don't know much about the interaction between heartbeat and stonith.
AFAIUI heartbeat just runs the command in the stonith_host line after the

stonith_host itaibi09 external foo /etc/ha.d/stonith.ibmrsa -h rsa-itaibi12
        -c "power off"

This turns the power off and that's the way it should do.

Next thing would be to run the scripts that take over NFS resources and

Anyway, thanks.


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