[Linux-HA] heartbeat over ethernet with ipfail question

R.Schramp at telecom.tno.nl R.Schramp at telecom.tno.nl
Tue Mar 15 07:44:33 MST 2005

Hello All,

I have a heartbeat HA cluster built up off two PC's. Each is equiped
with 2 Eth nics, with IPMI support (for stonith) (Sunfire V65)
On the nics i have configured ethernet bonding and connected both to two
different ethernet switches.

When both ethernet switches are down, clearly both nodes can't see each
other, but also stonith won't work. This will lead to both nodes
becomming master :(.

I thought I could solve this with ipfail: when a node can't ping ANY of
it's ping host it should never become master. However this appears not
to be the case with the ipfail module.

Any suggestions how to configure this? 

Clearly a serial link would solve the situation but that would make the
wiring mess even more complicated, so I prefer to see if there is a
software way.
Also coupeling one of the Eth nic's via a cross could solve the thing
but would remove the ethernet redundancy I have in place now.

best regards,


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