[Linux-HA] Two more suggestion w.r.t. configuration

hm at seneca.muc.de hm at seneca.muc.de
Fri Mar 11 14:54:25 MST 2005

Has somebody been thinking about a configuration GUI for heartbeat?
Just curious. Not that the three config files aren't easy to grok but it
may reduce the fear of contact for some not-so-bash-and-vi-savvy folks out
there. You know who I'm talking about... This would also make it easier to
keep config files in sync on all nodes (ucast is a pathetic exception of
the desirable rule "keep everything identical on both nodes"). This week, I
changed something in ha.cf on one node, scp'd it over, and wondered why the
second node could't re-enter the cluster. Duh. No I don't mean
yast2-heartbeat - we're not _only_ SUSE here, or are we? ;-) (This is where
the Red Hat redhat-config-something stuff has its merits - it can be used

And while we're at it: can somebody please change haresources to allow
for line breaks, like

node1 \
	datadisk::/dev/drbd0::drbd0 \
	Filesystem::/dev/raidvg/wwwlv::/srv/www::xfs \
	Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/export::xfs \
	apache \
	smb \
	nmb \
	winbindd \

that would make things much more readable than

node1 datadisk::/dev/drbd0::drbd0 Filesystem::/dev/datavg/wwwlv::/srv/www::xfs Filesystem::/dev/datavg/sambalv::/export::xfs apache smb nmb winbindd xinetd

G'night everyone. 

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