[Linux-HA] Using Multipath under SLES 9

Chris Penney cpenney at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 10:07:47 MST 2005


I'm running SLES 9 w/ SP1 and I'm trying to use an STK D280
active/passive disk array (this is a rebranded LSI drive array).  I'm
using a dual cpu P4 system w/ 2GB ram, and dual qlogic 23xx hbas.  The
drive array presents four 1TB luns (two are active on each hba and
passive on the other) which are built into a volume using lvm2 and
then xfs is used to make the file system.  I'm having a few of issues:

1) When I 'chkconfig multipathd on' I notice the multipathd script
hangs.  The boot process continues and multipathd is running fine, but
I still see a '/sbin/startpar -f -- /etc/init.d/rc3.d/S08multipathd'
in a ps list.

2) Whenever multipathd runs it seems to setup the multipath entry in
the device mapper so as to use the second controller for all luns even
though some luns are 'active' on the first controller and some are
active on the second.

3) If I 'chkconfig multipathd off' and put an init script after
boot.device-mapper that sets up the dm table correctly it uses the
right controllers; however, when I simulate a failover by pulling a
cable out it does failover, but I get data corruption.  (I'm using xfs
as noted above) and if I pull the cable during a cp the file size is
right (I assume that means the metadata is intact), but an md5sum
doesn't match the original.

Any help is appreciated,


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