[Linux-HA] Start and stop order of haresource

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Mar 8 09:15:43 MST 2005

Chan, Dan wrote:
> I am trying to implement an database server with heartbeat. I got two
> dell servers with a JBOD. I have no problem to start the oracle
> database; however, I got the problem to shutdown the database. The
> following is my haresources file.
> dell2850ha1 LinuxSCSI::2:4:15:0
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc1::/app::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc2::/regy01::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc3::/regy02::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc5::/regy03::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc6::/regy04::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc7::/regy05::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc8::/regy06::ext3
> dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc9::/regy07::ext3
> dell2850ha1 oracle
> Heartbeat read the file from the top to the bottom. Therefore, the
> startup is correct. However, when I shutdown the database, the shutdown
> need to start from the bottom to the top. Is there any suggest? I guess
> I can write a script to it.

Yeah...  Make a single resource group out of it, instead of 10 or more 
resource groups...

For the way you declared it, the start ordering is just luck.

This haresources file will work better for you...

dell2850ha1 LinuxSCSI::2:4:15:0  		\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc1::/app::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc2::/regy01::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc3::/regy02::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc5::/regy03::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc6::/regy04::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc7::/regy05::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc8::/regy06::ext3 	\
	Filesystem::/dev/sdc9::/regy07::ext3 	\ oracle

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