[Linux-HA] Start and stop order of haresource

Chan, Dan dchan at verisign.com
Tue Mar 8 07:48:33 MST 2005

I am trying to implement an database server with heartbeat. I got two
dell servers with a JBOD. I have no problem to start the oracle
database; however, I got the problem to shutdown the database. The
following is my haresources file.


dell2850ha1 LinuxSCSI::2:4:15:0

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc1::/app::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc2::/regy01::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc3::/regy02::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc5::/regy03::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc6::/regy04::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc7::/regy05::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc8::/regy06::ext3

dell2850ha1 Filesystem::/dev/sdc9::/regy07::ext3

dell2850ha1 oracle


Heartbeat read the file from the top to the bottom. Therefore, the
startup is correct. However, when I shutdown the database, the shutdown
need to start from the bottom to the top. Is there any suggest? I guess
I can write a script to it.


Thanks for the help.


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