[Linux-HA] Resource transition

Anja Karense Lønningen lonninge at stud.ntnu.no
Tue Mar 8 05:03:44 MST 2005


 We are making use of Heartbeat in a small program ("main") using the
 Heartbeat client api. This works out fine. Our problem occurs in
 connection with trying to start this program from a script ("ais")
 which runs at Heartbeat startup. This script is listed as a resource in
the following line of haresources:

 stud2104 Ais

 The script is located in /etc/ha.d/resources/ and looks like this:

 # Startup script for AIS

 export DISPLAY=:0.0

 case "$1" in

                 # Run ais main program
                 xterm -e /home/ingunn/Diplom/Kildekode/main

                 # Kill ais main program
                 MPID=$(pidof main)
                 kill $MPID


 Starting Heartbeat, then calls the start function of the script and
 makes our program start in a new xterm window as it is supposed to.
 However, it seems like the resource transition does not finish until
 the program ends. We want the program to run along with Heartbeat so
 that having the primary node fail will cause the program to start up at
the backup node. The problem is hence the resources. Calling the
 get_resources() function constantly returns "transition" until we
 manually shut down the program ("main"). Then it returns "all" or
 "local" depending on the other node's state. How can the resource
 transition be finished so that we get "all" or "local" without shutting
down the program?

 The log file looks like this:

 heartbeat: 2005/03/08_11:51:26 info: Running /etc/ha.d/resource.d/Ais
 heartbeat: 2005/03/08_11:51:36 info: Local Resource acquisition
 completed. (none)
 heartbeat: 2005/03/08_11:51:36 info: local resource transition

 According to this it looks like the resource transition should be
 completed, still the get_resources() call returns "transistion". Trying
to shut down heartbeat at this point (without shutting down the program
"main") prints the following line in the log:

 heartbeat: 2005/03/08_11:51:59 WARN: Shutdown delayed until current
 resource activity finishes.

 Nothing happens until we shut down the program "main". Then Heartbeat
 stops normally. So, it seems to us that the resource aquisition does
 not finish as we want it to. Any ideas about this?

 So long, thanks.

 Best regards

 Anja & Ingunn

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