[Linux-HA] Problem with STONITH

Laurent LE PRIEUR laurent.le-prieur at ac-nancy-metz.fr
Mon Mar 7 10:23:07 MST 2005


I installed the packages heartbeat v1.2.3.  

I bought a case WTI_NPS and I configured in the file ha.cf:  stonith_host * wti_nps password

I defined 2 nodes.  

When one of my nodes is defective, I wish to cut the catch concerned of the power switch WTI so that the defective machine is physically stopped (human intervention necessary to set out again).  

But STONITH carries out a RESET (not one OFF) on the plug.  

Can you say to me if there is an option to specify OFF in the place of RESET?  

Sorry for my poor English
Thank you in advance
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