[Linux-HA] Is this heartbeat scenario possible ?

Boris Berger boris.berger at capgemini.com
Thu Mar 3 09:16:06 MST 2005

Hi all,

I am new to this list, I have just discovered the Linux-HA project. I am
interested in heartbeat capabilities, and I wanted to know if the following
scenario is possible :

I would like to distribute some applications on two servers. These two
have to be seen as TWO servers (this means seen through 2 IP addresses).
When one server fails, the second takes back the applications of the first
and has to be seen as TWO servers. This means there is no one master and one

- In normal operation :

   Server 1 :
            - Virtual IP 1
            - services A, B and C running.

   Server 2 :
            - Virtual IP 2
            - services D, E and F running.

   A, B and C are addressed through IP1
   D, E and F are addressed through IP2

- Fallback mode (fault on server 1) :

   server 2 :
            - virtual IP 1 and virtual IP 2
            - services A, B, C, D, E and F running.

   A, B and C remain addressed through IP1
   D, E and F remain addressed through IP2

I have no problem with data sharing. A SAN should be used
for data storage. The only constraint is that a service should
not run simultanously on server 1 and server 2.

Is this scenario possible with heartbeat? If it is not, can we imagine
two differents heartbeat mechanisms :

- heartbeat 1 : monitors A, B and C. Master on server 1, slave on server 2.
                manages the virtual IP 1.

- heartbeat 2 : monitors D, E and F. Slave on server 1, master on server 2.
                manages the virtual IP 2.

Thank you for your help,

Best regards,


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