[Linux-HA] heartbeat 1.2.3 / linux 2.6.10 / ping-ipfail problem

Kevin Dwyer kevin at pheared.net
Wed Mar 2 05:16:32 MST 2005

Please, do not run ipfail as root.  See: 

Guochun Shi has made the observation that you are at least the second
person to report that heartbeat is crashing when API clients attempt
while running on linux kernel 2.6.10.  Is it possible for you to test
your setup on a different 2.6 kernel?


On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 01:40:27AM -0500, max deli wrote:
> I have heartbeat working fine on a few boxes, up until I try to implement 
> ipfail.  If I comment out the bottom three lines of ha.cf it works great. 
> x.y.126.1 is pingable from both nodes.  With the config as below, the 
> alias never comes up on either side. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
> thanks!

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