[Linux-HA] config question

Steve Iribarne steve.iribarne at dilithiumnetworks.com
Tue Mar 1 07:46:20 MST 2005

-> a node will send and receive in the same ethernet interface. You can
-> eth0 and eth1
-> as communication media. If one media goes down you will be notified
-> there is client running
-> or you will see error message in log.

I think I see the issue.  You are correct.  The nodes will send and recv
on eth0 and eth1 (and actually it's a bit more complicated than that,
they are on VLANS).  

The issue is that if eth1 goes down, even though eth0 is up, I want the
switch from active to standby to happen over the known good link.  This
protects me from the switch dying.

-> I only see two nodes. Am I missing something?

I was considering each interface a "node".

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