[Linux-HA] [ANNOUNCE] 8 node clusters!

Andrew Beekhof (GMail) beekhof at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 07:32:57 MST 2005

Yes you saw right.  The development series of heartbeat is now 
performing hundreds of transitions on 8 node clusters without 
significant failure.

Its not perfect yet, but thats where _you_ can help.  Download the 
latest code from CVS (or look for 1.99.3 when it comes out - hopefully 
soon), give it a good beating and report all the bugs you can find.

http://wiki.linux-ha.org/ClusterResourceManager/Setup is a pretty good 
guide on how to get started with the new multi-node resource manager, 
and http://wiki.linux-ha.org/ClusterResourceManager/BugReports explains 
what your bug reports need to contain.

We'd love to hear your feedback.


Andrew Beekhof

"Would the last person to leave please turn out the enlightenment?" - 

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