[Linux-HA] Announcing! Release 2.0.0 of Linux-HA is now available!

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Fri Jul 29 22:19:27 MDT 2005

The Linux-HA team proudly announces the long-anticipated release 2.0.0
of the Linux-HA (aka "heartbeat") software.

You can find it here:

This release extends the capabilities of Linux-HA far beyond anything
available in the past, and provides basic capabilities comparable to
any commercial HA package.

This release provides support for monitoring of resources (services) and
support for larger clusters - we have tested up to 16-node clusters.
In Release 2, simple clusters are simple to create, and more complex
clusters can take advantage of our rule-based resource placement methods
to ensure that the cluster does exactly what is desired when failures occur.

In addition, it supports the OCF standard resource model, the SAF
membership API, and provides command line, web-based and SNMP-based 
cluster monitoring tools.

It extends our tradition of high quality through excellent code, 
exhaustive automated testing, zero warnings in source, and for the first 
time, all project code passes a static analyzer with no complaints.

Many thanks to the whole crew of people who worked so hard to bring you 
this release!  (i.e, they wrote most of the new code).

Change Log:

* Fri 29 July 2005  Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh> (see doc/AUTHORS file)
+ Version 2.0.0 - First stable release of the next generation of the 
Linux-HA project
   + Basic Characteristics described here:
   + Core infrastructure improvements:
     + Messaging (message acknowledging and flow control)
     + Logging   (logging daemon)
   + Release 1.x style (2-node) clusters fully supported
   + Multi-node support (so far up to 16-node clusters tested)
         See http://linux-ha.org/GettingStartedV2 for more information
   + New components:
     + Cluster Information Base    (replicated resource configuration)
     + Cluster Resource Manager    (supporting 1->N nodes)
     + Modular Policy Engine       (controlling resource placement)
     + Local Resource Manager      (policy free, not cluster aware)
     + Stonith Daemon              (stand-alone fencing  subsystem)
   + Support for OCF and LSB resource agents
   + Support for composite resource types (groups, clones)
   + Support for a rich set of resource location and ordering constraints
   + Conversion tool for existing haresources
   + Resources monitored by request
   + Resource "maintenance" mode
   + Several failback, failure and "No Quorum" behaviors to choose from
         (global defaults and per action or resource)
   + Sample cluster state and configuration monitoring tools

   Known issues in 2.0.0:
     - Under some rare circumstances the cluster manager will time out
       while stabilizing a new cluster state.  This appears to be
         otherwise harmless - the cluster is actually fine.
     - Under some rare circumstances, a dev assert will be triggered
         in unpack.c.  This results in various things getting restarted.
         This is annoying, but is recovered from correctly.

     Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh>

"Openness is the foundation and preservative of friendship...  Let me 
claim from you at all times your undisguised opinions." - William 

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