[Linux-HA] check, if slaves data is actual

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Mon Jul 25 10:00:37 MDT 2005

Anquijix Schiptara wrote:
> You totally misunderstand me.

You didn't say very much.  I didn't *mis*-understand.  You didn't say 
enough for it to be understood, much less misunderstood.

> A desaster case is a failure of any components, for example the network 
> connections.
> Try to solve a problem means, to try to solve a problem. Mon tries for 
> example to restart the network interfaces.
> I created a script, that is being executed by mon, when a failure takes 
> place. This script shuts down heartbeat, if it sees, that the slave can 
> overtake. Else, nothing happens, but a mail alert.
> I want to update this "ha-shutdown" script, that it checks, if the slave 
> has the actual data, before shutting down heartbeat.
> Is there a possibility to check that?

Look at /proc/drbd

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