[Linux-HA] check, if slaves data is actual

Anquijix Schiptara anquijix at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 25 05:03:19 MDT 2005

Hi there

Im running a fedora core 4 ha-cluster with drbd and mon
In a desaster case, mon react and tries to solve the problems, if this 
fails, mon executes a heartbeat shutdown.
For example:
eth0 (extern) and eth1 (drbdmirror) break. Mon reacts with a "try-restart", 
if this fails, it shuts down heartbeat. Now i want, that the 
heartbeat-shutdown script, that is extecuted by mon, checks, if the data on 
slave is actual. Is there a possibility to do that?
I dont want to takeover with old data.

Thanks for help

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