[Linux-HA] Node is not suppose to do ip takeover but it does

muhaimin muhaimin.dzulfakar at extol.com.my
Mon Jul 25 05:54:23 MDT 2005

I have two linux machine running fedora and latest hearbeat.In my 
haresource :-


Which i tried to set the configuration as active/active

It works fine but after a certain period ibm machine will takeover linux 
machine eventhough linux machine is still alive.
Sometimes linux machine take back its own ip for a while then ibm 
machine will take over linux's ip again but most of the time ibm machine 
would take over the linux's ip.
I dont know how to solve this.I thought probably the ibm always identify 
linux as dead but when i try to ping linux machine from
ibm, it works fine.I used cross cable to connect both eth1.No serial 
cable is used.Everytime when it runs i could see both machine have this 


I guess this is a normal situation.

Muhaimin Dzulfakar
Security Engineer
Extol Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

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