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Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Tue Jul 19 13:22:23 MDT 2005

Carson Gaspar wrote:
> --On Tuesday, July 12, 2005 01:51:40 PM -0600 Alan Robertson 
> <alanr at unix.sh> wrote:
>> Quorum does not replace fencing.  Split-brain cannot be completely
>> resolved by quorum alone.
> I am _fairly_ certain that quorum is (or can be - I haven't looked at 
> quorum in 2.x) sufficient, assuming that all the code actually works as 
> designed. STONITH (or storage fencing) protects against kernel / 
> heartbeat / storage bugs in addition to split-brain. If I'm wrong, I'd 
> love to see an example of a failure scenario.


Let's take this example from real life (i.e., this really happens):

    1. Heartbeat on machine A has a shared disk mounted, machine B is
	in standby mode.  Machine C is in standby mode.

    2. Machine A is running Red Hat 2.4.18

    3. It's now 4 AM.  The kernel stops scheduling heartbeat.  It doesn't
	run any more _at all_, for >= 2 minutes.

    4. Machine B and C compute new membership w/o A.  They have quorum.

    5. Machine B mounts the shared disk.  It is now toast.

    6. Machine A wakes up and notices it doesn't have quorum.  It
	unmounts the disk.  Too late!

There are numerous ways of solving this -- but they are all different 
kinds of fencing, AFAIK...

   - STONITH - kill node A.
   - SCSI reservations - stop A from writing on the disk.
   - Fiber Channel fencing - stop A from getting to the disk over FC
   - "appropriate use" of a deadman timer
   - self-fencing disk - which always talks exclusively to one node
	in the cluster at a time (taking it over automatically severs
	the connection to other servers)

Fencing is that thing which severs the ability of the errant node to get 
access to cluster resources - without any cooperation on the part of the 
software on errant node.  It's errant, after all, you can't trust it to 
be able to do anything...

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