[Linux-HA] DNS problem with heartbeat

David Lang david.lang at digitalinsight.com
Thu Jul 14 18:09:02 MDT 2005

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Christof Amelunxen wrote:

> Hi David,
> David Lang sagte:
>>> Anyway, why dont you just configure one of your nodes as DNS master and
>>> the other one as slave and tell the clients to use them both as primary
>>> and secondary. This way you wouldnt have to deal with cluster failover
>>> at
>>> all.
>> The problem with this is that many (most??) clients will wait for the
>> primary to time out before attempting a connection to the secondary. I've
>> seen this add 30 seconds to all DNS requests when setup this way.
> Thanks for the hint. On UNIX systems (just checked that with linux and
> solaris) there is no real noticeable delay in dns resolutions if the
> primary is down but windows clients may behave differently.

also note that there can be a huge difference between pointing at an IP 
that's up, but not running DNS (quick rejection) and pointing at an IP 
address that doesn't respond (slow timeout)

>> being able to failover the IP address that everything is pointing at so
>> that the primary DNS address is always up is a much nicer solution.
> Switching the ip address may have advantages, that is true. But I would
> recommend him to use the bind replication mechanism anyway, to avoid the
> need for shared storage, data replication etc. and not let heartbeat
> manage the startup and shutdown of bind but keep it running on both nodes.
> I guess his problems are related to this in a way.

you can do this, but then you have to watch your zone time-to-live 
settings, if your primary box stays down too long the secondary will no 
longer consider itself authoritative and will stop responding as well.

David Lang

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