[Linux-HA] DNS problem with heartbeat

David Lang david.lang at digitalinsight.com
Thu Jul 14 02:01:59 MDT 2005

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Christof Amelunxen wrote:

> Anyway, why dont you just configure one of your nodes as DNS master and
> the other one as slave and tell the clients to use them both as primary
> and secondary. This way you wouldnt have to deal with cluster failover at
> all.

The problem with this is that many (most??) clients will wait for the 
primary to time out before attempting a connection to the secondary. I've 
seen this add 30 seconds to all DNS requests when setup this way.

being able to failover the IP address that everything is pointing at so 
that the primary DNS address is always up is a much nicer solution.

David Lang

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