[Linux-HA] DNS problem with heartbeat

Christof Amelunxen ca at ordix.de
Thu Jul 14 01:56:08 MDT 2005


Shantanu Kumar sagte:
> I have built a 2 node cluster which is acting as a
> gateway to internet for internal network.
> Each member of the cluster has a running DNS server
> for queries from internal network, hence whichever
> node is up that DNS server is used... Now the problem
> is that since internal network knows only the aliased
> Ip of the cluster . it can use only that to access the
> DNS server,,, ..
> It works fine .. but whenever aliased Ip change its
> node in the cluster due to a failover of one node ..
> the internal network is not able to access the DNS
> server & hence always gives the error " Bad HOstname
> "..
> I think the problem is since the host identification
> is changing whenver the IP of cluster shifts from one
> node to other. PLease help me in rectifying this
> problem!!!

As Lars already mentioned, there is no host identification in the DNS
protocol. So your problem is either related to the ip address not
switching correctly or bind not starting up and responding correctly.

Anyway, why dont you just configure one of your nodes as DNS master and
the other one as slave and tell the clients to use them both as primary
and secondary. This way you wouldnt have to deal with cluster failover at


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