[Linux-HA] Auto/Nice Failback

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Wed Jul 13 19:55:22 MDT 2005

ha at buglecreek.com wrote:
> We are upgrading a 2 node cluster with a new OS.  The plan is to do the
> upgrade first on machine2 while machine1 stays online.  The new ha.cf
> file on machine2 will have auto_failback off.  The issue is that
> machine1 has nice_failback on.  Our desire is to have machine2 stay
> active after heartbeat is up on both machines to verify all is working
> o.k.  Then the upgrade will be done on machine1. I'm not sure how the
> systems will react since the failback options are different on both
> machines.  Which file has the priority?  Do I need to edit the ha.cf
> file on machine1 to nice_failback off?  Or not?

auto_failback and nice_failback are not precisely compatible.

But for the case you're looking at, you should be OK, I think...

Testing your particular configuration is always a good thing...

auto_failback off is the same as nice_failback on.

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