[Linux-HA] does heartbeat check, if mirroring is still in progress?

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Wed Jul 13 10:50:58 MDT 2005

Anquijix Schiptara wrote:
> Hi there
> Im running FC4 with heartbeat and drbd (actual versions). Additionally i 
> installed Mon to monitor some resources. One monitor (running on slave) 
> is to check, if the VIP of the Master is pingable. If not, mon says to 
> the slave, that he has to takeover the resources.
> But i only want a takeover, it its sure, that all the data from master 
> is mirrored to the slave, so that i dont lose any data or dont have 
> inconsistent data.

With version 0.7 and beyond, you can make either the DRBD master or the 
DRBD slave as able to write to the DRBD partition.

And, it works correctly (consistently, with good integrity, etc.)

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