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gianluca.mancuso at realemutua.it gianluca.mancuso at realemutua.it
Tue Jul 12 04:11:33 MDT 2005


> 1 - should I always change the cib.xml file on both nodes when I make
>     changes on one node?

No. The CIB is synced automatically, and you SHOULD NOT manually modify
the file on disk, except via the tools.

OK, but the first one how to create it

> 2 - When I use the crm, how can I monitor the network connetivity without
>     using ipfail?

This is not currently possible.

Ok but if the interface of public net  falls heartbeat if it notices some.

> 3 - How can I force the assignment of a resource to a specific node.

Set correct constraints.

 Give me an example

> 6 - Is it possible to use quorum with heartbeat (configuration)?

There's an option in the CIB to require quorum or not.

There's a beautifully annotated CIB documentation on the website ;-)

For resolve the split-brain without stonith device is necessary configure
the quorum.

Where I find the documentation in order to shape it, using a shared disk1.


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