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Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Tue Jul 12 03:30:15 MDT 2005

On 2005-07-12T10:42:27, gianluca.mancuso at realemutua.it wrote:

> Hi
> I have two nodes with debian sarge and I'm using heartbeat 1.99.5.
> After reading the documentation on the ha web site I still have a
> few points I'm note sure about and wonder if anyone can help me out on
> that.
> 1 - should I always change the cib.xml file on both nodes when I make
>     changes on one node?

No. The CIB is synced automatically, and you SHOULD NOT manually modify
the file on disk, except via the tools.

> 2 - When I use the crm, how can I monitor the network connetivity without
>     using ipfail?

This is not currently possible.

> 3 - How can I force the assignment of a resource to a specific node.

Set correct constraints.

> 4 - How can I move resources from a node the the other while the cluster is
>     active?

Modify the constraints at runtime. And there's the option of setting the
node to standby.

> 5 - Where can I find documentation on scripting according to the
> standard OCF?


> 6 - Is it possible to use quorum with heartbeat (configuration)?

There's an option in the CIB to require quorum or not.

There's a beautifully annotated CIB documentation on the website ;-)

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