[Linux-HA] After testing a desaster, DRBD devices cant connect to each other

Anquijix Schiptara anquijix at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 5 01:02:27 MDT 2005

Hi there

Few days ago i tested a failure case. A short blackout of the master (with 
breaking heartbeat connections for deadtime seconds). After deadtime 
seconds, i plugged the connections in and looked, what happens.
At first, both server are active, they recognize that and handle it 
"ping-pong" like (2 changes of master), until the initial position was 
reached again (master=master, slave=slave).
But now i have the problem, that the DRBD-Devices arent connected anymore.
On master i have the state Primary/Unknown, and on slave Secondary/Unknown.

In man drbdsetup/drbdadm i couldnt find any suitable options to reconnect to 
the mirror. So I have to stop heartbeat, that i can restart DRBD. The 
consequence is, that i have a short breakdown of the hole cluster, until i 
restarted the services. And i think, that shouldnt be so in a HA 

Any ideas?

If you wish, I reproduce this failure case to show you the logs.

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