[Linux-HA] ldirectord 1.99 fails to recognize HTTPS server being shut down

Bernhard Erdmann be at berdmann.de
Sat Jul 2 11:55:13 MDT 2005


ldirectord 1.99 of heartbeat 1.99.4 fails to recognize a failed HTTPS 
server. ldirectord thinks the webserver is ok when the server is shut 
down and a TCP connection fails. I guess Net::SSLeay's return code is 
not properly parsed.

# ldirectord -d site_https start
DEBUG2: Checking negotiate: real 
server=negotiate:https:tcp:a.b.c.d:443:::\/: (virtual=tcp:m.n.o.p:443)
DEBUG2: Checking https url="https://a.b.c.d:443/" virtualhost="a.b.c.d"
DEBUG2: Testing: a.b.c.d, 443, /
Opening connection to a.b.c.d:443 (a.b.c.d) at blib/lib/Net/SSLeay.pm 
(autosplit into blib/lib/auto/Net/SSLeay/open_tcp_connection.al) line 1464.
/usr/sbin/ldirectord 28893: open_tcp_connection: failed `a.b.c.d', 443 
(Connection refused)
DEBUG2: Result:
DEBUG2: Status: 0
DEBUG2: Enabled server=a.b.c.d

/etc/ha.d/conf/site_https contains:

checkinterval = 60
autoreload = yes
virtual = m.n.o.p:443
         real = a.b.c.d:443 gate
         real = e.f.g.h:443 gate
         real = i.j.k.l:443 gate
         checktype = negotiate
         httpmethod = HEAD
         service = https
         protocol = tcp

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