[Linux-HA] Cannot locate resource script apache (on a SLES 9 Server)

Andreas Huck ha at huck.it
Fri Nov 5 12:03:57 MST 2004


On Friday 05 November 2004 12:47, mailinglists at tho.name wrote:
> Hello,
> i have got a problem with heartbet on a Suse Linux Enterprise Server
> 9.
> (heartbeat installed by latest SuSe rpm file)
i.e. heartbeat-1.2.2-0.6, works fine 4 me

> Heartbeat starts normal and the ip change of my 2 nodes runs normal.
> But the init Scripts for my services, e.g. apache, don`t run.
> There is always the following Message in the heartbeat log:
> heartbeat: 2004/11/05_10:54:00 ERROR: Cannot locate resource script
> apache
> The original apache script rom heartbeat is in the resource directory
> of hearbet and has the correct rights.
> (-rwxr-xr-x    1 root	  root	       8301 Oct 27  2003 apache)
> The other scripts in the resource directory don`t run work with
> heartbeat, too.
> And my own scripts don`t work, too.
> Does somebody know, how i can solve this problem?

You might check whether the corresponding variables in
/etc/ha.d/shellfuncs are set correctly:
: ${HA_DIR=/etc/ha.d}
: ${HA_RESOURCEDIR=$HA_DIR/resource.d}

and your collegue didn't comment out in /etc/init.d/heartbeat:
. $HA_DIR/shellfuncs

If the virtual IP allready works, does IPaddr2::<VIP> as well?


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