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On 2002-03-18T12:05:33,
   Peter Smith <peter.smith at> said:

> minutes) and then just loops.  Then, a shutdown is done in the same 
> manner, doing a sleep 300 (5 minutes) and then completion.  Heartbeat 
> has to be able to check its status and not cut its hand off while trying 
> to close the lid on the cookie jar so to speak.  I've been running into 
> the "dual-brain" problem a lot with this.

This is going to be difficult to fix with heartbeat's current resource
manager, really. It is very limitted, not transactional and doesn't guarantee
data integrity right now.

If you want to invest resources into rewriting the resource manager, you are
of course very welcome and I will provide a more detailled explanation of the
problem; but it is not trivial and not something for an afternoon.

But if not, solutions like Linux FailSafe, SteelEye's LifeKeeper are probably
better suited for your needs.

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