Tips? Children take a long time to go up and down

Peter Smith peter.smith at
Mon Mar 18 11:05:33 MST 2002

I have 2 nodes in a HA arrangement using Heartbeat .  The 
software that Heartbeat handles the startup and shutdown of takes ~5 
minutes to complete a startup and to complete a shutdown.  Weird things 
can happen with respects to Heartbeat during this time.  Does anyone 
have any tips for timing on Heartbeat for this type of situation? 
 Imagine starting a script that, at startup, does a sleep 300 (5 
minutes) and then just loops.  Then, a shutdown is done in the same 
manner, doing a sleep 300 (5 minutes) and then completion.  Heartbeat 
has to be able to check its status and not cut its hand off while trying 
to close the lid on the cookie jar so to speak.  I've been running into 
the "dual-brain" problem a lot with this.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Smith
Linux Systems Administrator
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
(USA) 214 648 3111
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