Is HA for me?...2 nic´s+2 = 1 problem...

Tommy Augustsson tommy.augustsson at
Mon Mar 18 10:35:46 MST 2002

Hi everyone!

First time post for me in this we go ;-)

Does anyone know if this with "Linux High Availability Project " is a
solution to my problem.

I have 2 nic´s on 1 server. The 2 nic´s are connected to the same
ip-network The ip´s and def. gw does the nic´s get from a dhcp. So my
server has 2 def. gateways poiting to same destination...the only thing
that differs is the dev´s the gw´s is "bound" to.

The problem is that even if I connect to eth1 ( from a nother net ) the
connection seems to "fall" over to eth1. No traffic besides the
connection packets are transmitted to eth1...the packets uses the eth0.

I would like the dev that recieved the connection to be the card that
hold´s the 2 independent servers.
Problem here is that server is allways using the first default gw.

I was thinking, before I saw this, of using NAT but couldn´t figure out
how to make the iden´t work

Does anyone know if I could use the "Linux High Availability" to make
this work?

I have search all the net (not far from it ;-) for a solution to this
problem... and after reading a bit about this projekt...well maybee it
may work....hope so...

Even if you might feel it´s stange me...this is the only
alternetiv for me....and it seems to me it wouldn´t be impossible to
solve it.


// Tommy Augustsson

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