Heartbeat on Solaris

Soffen, Matthew msoffen at iso-ne.com
Wed Mar 6 08:57:02 MST 2002

Also found this new bug in heartbeat/api_test.c ( A bogus close comment).
I've built and am installing it now from a clean tree.  

More when I can get some testing on it.


diff -u -r1.35 api_test.c
--- heartbeat/api_test.c        21 Feb 2002 21:34:48 -0000      1.35
+++ heartbeat/api_test.c        6 Mar 2002 15:48:15 -0000
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
 #ifndef LOG_PERROR
 #define LOG_PERROR 0x0 /* Some syslogs don't allow you to log messages
-                        * to stderr as well as to a log facility */
+                        * to stderr as well as to a log facility
                        * (Solaris, perhaps others)
 #endif /* sun */

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Soffen, Matthew wrote:

> The only point where that failed was if you used the default script to
> it up.   Otherwise heartbeat worked perfectly fine (and by that I mean
> started up).
> I'll do a clean fetch/rebuild tonight and find out WTF is happening.

I may have just fixed the default script in CVS.  Let me know...

	-- Alan [I hate bash-isms] Robertson
	   alanr at unix.sh

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